Touch Point: New Staff 6 Months Survey

I feel welcome at Denselight (DLS) Semiconductors Pte Ltd *

I feel welcomed by my department *

I get along well with my department *

I feel like I fit in DLS company culture *

The organizational values of DLS align well with my own values *

My experience of the organization has matched my expectations *

Overall, I'm satisfied with the on boarding process *

The job description and responsibilities explained to me were accurate *

I understand how my role contributes to the organizational goals *

I regularly receive feedback from my manager on the tasks assigned to me *

I have been given enough training to get accustomed to my job *

I'm confident using the systems/software/machine I need in my role *

I have had good training on the work process applicable to my role *

I have a good idea about what I still need to learn to do my job well *

The information to help me in my job is easily available and accessible *

I m proud to work for DLS *

I would recommend DLS to my friends as a great place to work *

I see myself still working at DLS in two years's time *

So far, I'm satisfied with my job *

Any suggestion for improvement?