About us

Our core values are the  foundation to making Denselight a successful company. It is our way of life and inbuilt into our DNA.

Customer First Mindset

Our customers, come first. We will strive to provide them with superior innovative products and will continuously improve their quality that will in turn see us win in our end markets.

Commitment to you

We are accountable in our commitment to achieve excellence. We do what we say and behave with integrity at all time. We will uphold the ethical standards of the company always. We respect each other and value every employee's contribution. Collaboration as a team is our motto and we celebrate small and big wins with appreciation.

Integrity with Passion & Tenacity

At Denselight, we take pride in every job that we do by having the highest level of honesty and openness. We cultivate our entrepreneurial drive as a means to remain flexible, agile and willingness to change. We are passionate about Denselight and have a never-say-die attitude!

Our Mission

To be global leader in providing innovative integrated photonics that enable our customers to excel and win in the Sensing & Data Communication markets.

Health & Safety

We are committed in ensuring the health of safety of all employees, contractors, and visitors.

  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment, in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative & regulatory requirements.

  • Proactively prevent & reduce occupational injury and illness risks wherever we work, and promote employee health and well-being.

  • Design and implement safe work processes to control and reduce occupational health and safety risks in our operations.

  • Inform suppliers, partners and contractors of our occupational health and safety expectations and encourage them to adopt sound occupational health and safety practices.

  • Ensure managers and employees are trained and accountable for preventing work-related injuries and illnesses.


Earn customer's trust and loyalty by:

  • Putting customers first

  • On time delivery

  • Exceeding their quality, reliability and cost expectation

  • Technology that's innovative, disruptive and works the first time